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  • Metal seated, Zero leakage, Gate Valve F-to-F, ISO double flanged, lug and wafer, 150 / 300 / 600. "The Original Triple Off-Set"
  • Full line of severe service check valves

  • Fully Lined Plug Valve, PFA, Kynar or Poly Lined. V-Port seats for control / throttling applications.
  • Fully Lined Ball - Check, PFA, Kynar, or Poly Lined. Free-floater or Spring Assisted.

Carter Process Control
CPC/Carter Process Control
  • Custom Manufactured Trim for Severe Service Control Valves

  • Rack & Pinion actuators and Controls designed for extended life in harsh environments. Large inventory of Limit Switches, Solenoids, Speed Controls, etc.

  • ANSI 150 / 300 High Performance Knifegate Valves. Bi-Directional, Zero-Leakage, Non-rising Stem, Repairable, Repackable Under Pressure, and Double Block and Bleed. Pneumatic Cylinders, Hydraulic, Electric, Handwheel Gears.

  • Full line of high performance, non-slam check valves sized per application.

  • Full line of Rubber Lined, Teflon Lined, and High Performance Butterfly Valves, Soft and Metal Seated, Lug / Wafer, ANSI 150 & 300. Large Inventory. Pneumatic, electric, gears, etc.
  • High Performance, Wafer-Style Check Valve. Special Alloys available
  • Metal Seated Ball Valves, HT65, Multiple Seat Options. Specializing in abrasive applications.
  • Soft Seated and Metal seated Ball valves.

Remington Valve Remington Valve
  • ½” thru 24” inch 150 thru 4500#ANSI Class Valves for all critical services in petro chemical, refining, mining, pulp and paper and power generation applications

Rexa Electraulic Actuation
  • Electraulic Actuator for Precise Control

  • All 316 St Stl. Knifegate, St. Stl 4-Post Topworks, Bi-Directional

Tiger Valves
  • Large Inventory of API Trunnion Ball Valve and Pigging Valves

TMC Valves (Tretter)
  • Full line of Quick Action Line Blinds, Sample Valves

  • Full line of knifegate valves, O'Port Knifegates, Standard Knifegates, 316SS, 317SS, 254 SMO, Titanium
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